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We provide consulting services and custom software to a diverse client base from the manufacturing, medical, financial and educational fields in the Northeast Ohio area. Our goal is to combine the latest in proven technologies with fast personal service. With a Quixor software product you are never on your own when it comes to ongoing support and enhancements.

ms access & office development

Access KeyOne of our most frequent requests is for MS Access projects. We have a specialty in this area. Access is included with the MS Office suite and starting a new project by designing a table and using a wizard to generate a form is a snap However...

web site development and hosting

QFS designs and develops web sites for business clients using ASP.Net technology. A site should combine balance, consistancy and ease of navigation that demonstrates competence and real value to your customers. A dynamic database-driven site will allow you to publish the most recent business information such as price lists or business news that can help make the sale now. Let us show you how to combine global reach with 24-hour availablity to improve customers satisfaction while at the same time reducing employee costs. Together with our web partners we can also provide state of the art web hosting and email services at very competitive prices.

c#/vb development & outsourcing

.NetQFS can join your team at any stage of an application life cycle. Whether developing an application from scratch, troubleshooting a project, maintaining or upgrading an existing application. From requirements and feasibility analysis, through specifications, prototyping, implementing and testing, we can help you improve quality and speed-to-market of your new ASP.net, VB.net, C#, MS SQL, HTTP, XML, SOAP based application.

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